Welcome, dolls! I’m a mum of 3 little lads. I’ve spent the last (nearly) 6 years being a mum and with my youngest turning 2 soon, I feel like I’ve learned a thing or 2 about creating shortcuts when there’s little kids running around your feet. So, while I’ve been in the sleep deprived, soul stretching, glorious trenches of raising young kids, I have noticed a few things that could be done to make life easier. Let’s face it, when time is so precious we all enjoy a good life hack. So for the past 9 months I’ve been working on a couple mum hacks. With the help of a fantastic manufacturer I have brought one of them to life, perfected it and am ready to launch my product soon. Mamas, it’s going to change your life around bed making. Cue Sass + Babe’s 3 in 1 fitted sheet!

Anyone who has made up a cot knows how frustrating that process is; all those layers and all that heaving with the mattress. Then your precious babies get bigger and start toilet training and sleeping without nappies. Enter the dreaded phase of using crinkly plastic, retro party tablecloth style waterproof sheets in order to protect the mattress. All the bed making, washing, folding and remaking that goes on is time consuming and it all takes up valuable real estate in our linen cupboards. Right?! If the bed is wet in the middle of the night, the thought of having to get up, pull off all those layers and rummage around in your linen cupboard for all the new layers you need is pretty much soul destroying. Let’s be real for a moment now. In these instances all we really want to do is go back to bed, so instead of doing the full bed change, we usually just end up opting for the big beach towel over the top of the wet bed for them to sleep on and hope for the best… am I right? This only ads to your mountain of washing and probably isn’t  the nicest for our little wee-ing treasures to sleep on. We might be able to get away with that in summer but in winter, forget about it. All this frankly, is a no fun Nelly.

Well mums, I’m thrilled to say, I have the perfect solution for you. It’s Sass + Babe’s 3 in 1 fitted sheet. Here’s how this sheet came about.

There I was, mid way through making up my youngest’s cot, heaving up the mattress and dropping it down for each layer. I was working up a sweat and getting increasingly frustrated as I was bending over the rails trying to re tuck in the layers that kept slipping off. In the middle of this time consuming process, I heard myself yell in frustration “Why don’t they just make all these layers into 1 fitted sheet!”. I paused for a moment to think about what I had just heard myself say (yell) and realised for the first time ever, maybe one of my little tantys was about to pay off. I stopped what I was doing (mid bed change) went to my computer and started researching. It appeared there was a definite hole in the bedding market. There began the beginnings of Sass and Babe’s 3 in 1 fitted sheet. This fitted sheet means all you need now on your little one’s cot or single bed mattress is one of our fitted sheets. That’s right, just 1 simple fitted sheet.

Intrigued Mama Bear? Excellent. In my next post here I’ll tell you more about the 3 layers that make up Sass + Babe’s 3 in 1 fitted sheet. So if you’re a clever cookie and want to have the chance to be the first to pre-order, pop your email in the subscribe box below. By doing so you will also be in the draw to win a Sass + Babe white 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. Why a silk pillowcase? Well I wanted to find something a little special that YOU will love and enjoy. It also happens to be amazing for your hair (read frizz free) and your skin (read anti-wrinkle).

Draw will be held on 4th August.

Stay Sassy.

Katie x

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