So it might not be trying to kill me per say, but do I have your attention?! So mattresses can be a boring topic, I know, however mattress safety is kinda a big deal. Seeing as our kids spend so much time on them we don’t really want to mess it up (pardon the pun, but pun totally intended). While creating Sass + Babe’s 3 in 1 fitted sheet, I learned a few things about mattress + bedding safety + what I learned caused me to go ahead + throw out all the kids mattresses so I could start again (to my husbands horror). I’ve also learned I tend to err on the side of extreme when it comes to my kids safety. Go on, pat me on the back.

I’ll keep this short + sweet + give you the main points. You should hit up google + do your own research if you feel the urge.


Ok, maybe not deadly but it’s pretty darn bad for your babes. When a mattress gets wet with urine it mixes with what the mattress is made from + together they release some pretty unkind toxins into the air that your child is then breathing in all night. Aside from that horrifying fact, when a mattress gets wet it becomes a breeding ground for mold *shudder, mildew, bed bugs + other micro bacterial nasties that no one needs growing in their mattress. Because of this, you will want to be making sure your mattresses are nice + waterproofed.

When I looked for waterproofing for all my kiddy bub’s beds, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the traditional vinyl waterproofing sheets. They’re loud, uncomfortable hot, sweaty + not only that, they’re not great to be lying on all night due to the toxins that the vinyl emits. Stay with me, I know it sounds extreme but it’s true. So instead of the traditional waterproofing, I spent a small fortune on alternative ‘waterproofing’ only to discover it didn’t actually do a whole lot of waterproofing, AT ALL! So after a midnight mishap, in the morning I’d drag the mattress out to the sun to dry figuring that would be the best way for me to dry it. Which it is BUT, just because the top dries doesn’t mean the center is + there begins a very unhealthy mattress. So although I avoided the toxic waterproof liner, I still didn’t manage to avoid an unhealthy mattress.

I created the Sass + Babe fitted sheet to eliminate the more ‘scary’ side of mattresses + waterproofing liners, also for the time-saving + ease that’s achieved when you use Sass + Babe’s fitted sheets. By using our sheets your mattress is safe from moisture, keeping your mattress as squeaky clean as the day you bought it. Sass + Babe sheets have 2 waterproofing elements. Firstly there’s the thick quilted bamboo fibre layer in the centre of the sheet. I used bamboo because it’s all kinds of wonderful when it comes to absorbency + health benefits. Then there’s the actual waterproof layer which is more like a fabric than a crinkly, loud, uncomfortable, hot, sweaty traditional waterproofing liner. Oh yeah, + it actually IS waterproof! Then the final top layer is a soft Jersey Cotton built for pure comfort. Think your favourite comfy tee. **This layer makes your minis sleep all night.

Our fitted sheets work best when you have 2 sheets for each bed so that you have a spare if need be in the middle of the night. Now, if you’re lazy in the middle of the night like me but also clever… like me, you can make up one bed with both your 3 in 1 fitted sheets. That way if there is an accident you just peel off the top 3 in 1 sheet + you have a perfect bed made up underneath ready to go. So because 2 is always better than 1 we have FREE SHIPPING on all 2 pack purchases + our 2 packs are at a discounted price. You can purchase our fab sheets here.

**I may or may not be fibbing here… depends on the child… I suppose.

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