You know how after you have kids you feel like you’ve aged overnight + so you start really getting “serious” about your skin? So seriously in fact that you start googling things like, ‘What foods have collagen?’, ‘Will green tea make my skin glow?’ + ‘How much is botox, I’m asking for a friend?’. Everything you read basically tells you to get more sleep. You think to yourself, well yeah that’s all great but when you’re the carer of small humans you know just how elusive sleep is + that it’s a thing of the past. So what now footloose + fancy-free, 20-year-old Emily who writes the beauty column?!

The good news is that Sass + Babe has something to help a fellow sleep deprived mama out + though more sleep would be amazing it’s not likely for another 25 years. What I have for you will work with whatever sleep you do manage to get + will add a piece of luxury into your life without requiring anything more of you. Music to your ears right!

WHAT IS IT?!! It’s silk baby! Luxury 22 momme (that means it’s really good) 100% mulberry (the best!) silk pillowcases + eye masks! And they have just hit Sass + Babes online shop! Why? Because we need to make every moment of our beauty sleep count + a silk pillowcase + eyemask WILL help do that! AND it doesn’t all have to be about the kids over here at Sass + Babe, right? So if wrinkles + frizzy hair IS your jam then don’t bother reading on; your current pillowcase is probably just fine for that. If it’s not your jam, then silk probably is + you should definitely read on!

BENEFITS OF SILK FOR YOUR SKIN: I have been using silk pillowcases on our bed for the last 10 months + I absolutely love them.  Because silk doesn’t create friction the way cotton does, it means no sleep creases when you wake up. No sleep creases mean fewer wrinkles because sleep creases eventually become wrinkles. Not only that, but you also wake up looking a little more like… you haven’t just woken up, because there are no sleep creases. My point is, no sleep creases, just in case you missed that! Also, silk isn’t absorbent in the way that other fabrics are. This means all those expensive night cream + serums + moisturisers you might be spending your left kidney on, (in the hopes to keep wrinkles at bay) aren’t being absorbed right off your face + into your pillowcase. It also means your natural oils are staying on your face + right where they should be. Which also aids in fewer wrinkles.

BENEFITS OF SILK FOR YOUR HAIR: I had been hearing a lot about silk + its benefits as a pillowcase + was wanting to try them but what got me over the line was when my own Mum started using one + was RAVING + I mean RAVING about how amazing it was for her hair. My mum has some crazy, craaazy hair. It’s ok, she knows she does + wouldn’t mind me saying so… (You ok with me saying so Ma? Love you Mum!) So I thought HEY, there really must be something to the silk pillowcases that are being talked about. I’ve got to say, since using my silk pillowcase my hair is easier to manage and stays silky smooth (see what I did there) for so much longer after I’ve spent half the day straightening or blow-drying it. There’s a lot of it on my noggin’, it takes a while.

I’m a bare minimum kinda gal when it comes to my ‘beauty’ routines I wish I wasn’t, but I am. We all know sleep is A+ for your beauty regime, so why not maximise it with a silk pillowcase? Trust me when I say though, once you go silk you won’t go back! I take my pillowcase on holidays or anywhere I might be sleeping! Not even kidding.

Now don’t just take my word for it, here are a few links to a couple of my besties + some experts who like my mother are RAVING about silk. Or if you’re a keen bean you can just scroll to the bottom to check out our pre-ordering options.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Edwina Carr Barraclough is a Sydney-based lifestyle writer and editor. Below is part of a piece she wrote in regards to silk pillowcases.

Of these particularly savvy women is Melanie Grant. The Australian celebrity facialist, skin expert and founder of Melanie Grant skin clinics in Sydney and Melbourne recently took to Instagram to share the “endless” benefits of silk slips.

Grant, whose clientele includes Lara Worthington and Delta Goodrem told that while she’s personally been using silk pillowcases for over five years, she’s noticed a recent lift in interest.

We’re becoming more educated on taking a preventive approach when it comes to skincare and beauty so sleeping on a silk slip is a no-brainer,” she explains.

“Silk allows the skin to slide, so it won’t pull or tug. This reduces crease lines and marks across your face, neck and decollate.”

If you’re someone who slathers products onto your face at night, there’s more good news — silk won’t soak these up as much as other materials will.

“Silk is a non-absorbent fabric so it won’t deplete your moisture levels or absorb your precious serums and night cream,” says Grant.

Dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook, who operates from Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic, agrees that getting your eight hours of sleep on silk puts less pressure on your skin leading to less creases, and in turn, less chance of those creases becoming permanent wrinkles. The phrase “beauty sleep” has never felt so fitting.

“Silk is a natural fibre and therefore ‘breathes’ with your skin minimising sweat pimples and irritation,” Dr Cook explains.

“They’re also great to use after skin treatments like skin peels. They allow the skin to lift and peel off gently, when it is actually ready to, as they minimise trauma, friction and rubbing”.

The upsides don’t end at your skin, this hero product gets along famously with hair, too.

Celebrity hairstylist and founder of Raw Salon in Sydney, Anthony Nader, says you’ll notice the difference in your hair immediately.

“When resting your head on cotton you can agitate and roughen up the hair cuticle … however, with silk, your strands will glide along the pillow with ease, leaving your hair smoother.”

You can expect your blow dry to last a lot longer too.

While silk pillowcases aren’t cheap — you’ll be forking out around $70 on average — they’ll last you a lot longer than that tub of night cream sitting in your bathroom cabinet.

And besides, how many beauty products grant you hours of comfortable, luxurious shut-eye?

PRE-ORDER OPPORTUNITY: (UPDATED)Our silk pillowcases + eye masks have arrived! If you think, YEAH I want to grab mine for a discounted price, then click here + it will take you through to our shop. This price is only valid until this Monday so be quick because then they will go back to their normal price. Our silk is certified by OEKO-TEX using the BEST of the best thick, silky smooth silk.

I’m excited about our new cases in case you can’t tell! Jump on board the silk experience for yourself!

Katie xx

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