If you’re a mum + you’re on any social media platform you’d know that self-care is a bit of a buzz topic. All that is great except the reality is most of us don’t seem or feel like we have the time to do it. Since becoming a mum ‘self-care’ has taken a back seat for me, actually it wasn’t even in the car anymore it was back at the hospital when we took our first son home. I’m predicting it’s probably the same for you too.







I’ll be honest, for many years all the self-love/self-care stuff actually kind of made me do a mini eye roll. I have no idea why but what a goose!!! So nearly 7 years on into my mothering career I’ve decided, maybe I really do actually need to fill my cup a little so I can fill all the other little + big cups in my household. Its taken meltdowns + ugly cries for me to realise that this princess can’t just keep soldiering on with an empty cup. The thing is, I’m still surrounded by my children 24/7 so this makes ‘self-care’ a little more tricky so I’ve had to be clever with it. Here are 10 ways I have started to introduce a little self-care into my life. They aren’t big grand gestures, I’m sure one day I’ll get to do the big grand ones + that will be fun but for the season I’m in right now, these little ones do a lot in helping me feel like I’m keeping my cup from running dry. The best part is they require very, very little effort + no or next to no extra time. I’ve learned they make the world of difference though + make me feel like Queen B with a couple ducks in a row.

Flowers. Yep, this one is simple. From time to time, I’ll go right ahead + buy myself some fresh flowers. They don’t have to be expensive or fancy ones just about any will do. Heck, picking some from your garden (or the neighbors) will also do nicely. Because I know a room with fresh flowers puts a big smile on my dial every time I see them.

Skin Care. I love this one + here’s why. You are probably already doing this so it requires nothing more from you. I wash my face once a day in the evening. It’s the most basic of basic beauty routines – #mumlife. So here’s what I’ve done to up that anti on this daily routine. I’ve decided to spend a little more on skincare than I usually would + I’ve also added one more phase into my routine. So now there are 3 steps instead of just 2. Here’s what happens when you do that though, every time you use it (which is every day) you feel like you are really treating yourself + it feels GOOD!

Podcasts– Listening to podcasts when I’m doing things that are mundane like laundry, dishes… even cooking dinner has been LIFE CHANGING for me. Literally! I love a good podcast + it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I’m getting 2 things done at once. My housework all while learning, it’s the flipping best! There is a podcast for + about pretty much anything + everything. If you’re not on the podcast wagon yet, climb on, it will do wonders for you!

Run a Bath – Once a week, fortnight or month whatever it is that suits you, take a bath that goes a little longer than your normal dash under the shower (or a longer shower if a bath isn’t your thing). Put a nice bath soak in there, some bubbles an essential oil or whatever it is that floats your boat. Grab your wine or tea, a candle, a book whatever your thing is + just stay in there until you get bored. Do this at a time when you know you won’t be interrupted (that part is KEY) so do what you have to do to make that happen. As mum’s, we don’t get to do this all that often so when we do it really feels like you have your own back in the awesome whirlwind that is life.

Wake up early and have some time to yourself – I feel like I am only just now entering a phase where I feel like I can trade a few minutes of zzz’s to wake up + have some time ALL BY MYSELF. For a lot of years, I liked the idea of this but I wasn’t about to trade sleep for anything. I’m still not doing this every morning. Though I ought to because boy when I do, I feel amazing + my day is so much more productive. Which makes me feel like my ducks are lining up. This next term my goal is to do it most mornings.

Gym with a creche – Finding a gym that has a creche + does gym classes has been one of the biggest game changers for me. I love doing a class, I just can’t go + run on a treadmill for half an hour, I find it so boring so a class is right up my alley. I might only get there once or twice a week but I feel great because I’m getting some exercise + it’s beneficial to ME, especially my mind. I’m the one it’s for, me, me, me (actually the family does benefit too because they have a happier mum + wife).

Get your nails done – This one is self-explanatory. Nothing feels like you have your life together more than looking down + seeing perfectly manicured nails. The end. If you’re about to have a baby, this is essential before you go into hospital, ESSENTIAL. Life is about to get wild so you’ll thank me when your nails are looking like your house must also be immaculate.

Gratitude – THIS!! This is everything. If you don’t spend time each day being grateful + thankful for all the good in your life + there’s always good,  you’ll probably be a bit of a No-Fun-Nancy to be around. Sorry, but it’s true. Practice gratitude as often as you can. It’s good for your soul + gives you a whole new lease on life! Perspective + Gratitude!

Make your bed– Yeah, you read that right, I have make-your-bed as one of my self-care tips. Bor-ING. Here’s the thing though, if you make your bed first thing in the morning or at least at some point through the day. Even if everything else that day is a disaster every time you see your made bed you’ll think to yourself, would you look at me! If your nails are also done, well…Life aced by you.

Silk Pillowcase – I couldn’t do a list of self-care + not include this little gem. They are amazing + you can buy them here (how convenient). No, but seriously, every time you lay your pretty little face on your silk pillowcase night after night you will think – Huuuuh, check me + my self-care out! Have a look at this post to learn why they are amazing for hair + skin + why they are a must on a self-care list for all Mamas. So if you buy one from here or somewhere else, just do yourself a favour + get one! You will love it!

There you have it. 10 ways I show myself a little extra T.L.C. If you have some low maintenance, easy ways of filling your cup + lining up your ducks up please share them with us below. I’d love to hear what you do!

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Katie xx

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