Katie Westcott - Head Sass at Sass and Babe

Head Sass at Sass + Babe

Hi, I’m Katie, mum to 3 boys and Idol to my husband (his words not mine *cough). I’m the boss at Sass + Babe (I just like saying that). Look I never know what to write in these about me pages so I’m just going to fire some random ‘fun facts’ at you about yours truly.

I love the Ocean, like basically everyone! Only thing is I now live about 5hrs from it, so I will regularly go + sit or lay in my boy’s sandpit just to feel the sand on my skin. If the sand is piping hot, even better!

I love moving house. I drive my husband batty! I’ll move furniture around or change the flooring or wall colour + that seems to buy me more time in a house, but i do love a move or a good reno!

I have a love/not so love relationship with routine. I both love it and can’t stand it all at the same time. It makes no sense, I know. 

Water running down the arm of my long sleeve shirt is 1 of my pet hates. 

Right, that’s probably enough snippets of me for now. If you got to here, thanks Doll! 

Katie xx

Head Babes at Sass and Babe

Head Babes at Sass + Babe

The babe element of Sass + Babe. Let’s be honest now, they are the real bosses.

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