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About Us

Hi, I’m Katie, I feel like the above picture is the most appropriate picture for an About Us section. It sums it up pretty well. I'm mum to 3 boys and Idol to my husband (his words not mine *cough).

I started Sass + Babe at the start of 2018 after I had spent about a year creating our unique sheet. This sheet came about one very hot summers day when I was changing the cot sheets of my youngest bed. If you've ever changed all your cot sheet layers before you know how frustrating this process is. I was wrestling with the mattress and bedding layers while working up a sweat and in frustration I yelled out "WHY DON'T THEY JUST MAKE THESE ALL IN ONE LAYER". I was having one of those adult tantrums we adults sometimes have.

I stopped making the cot right there + than + started googling where I could buy one of these magical sheets from. I couldn't find anything anywhere so that's when I decided I'd create them myself (with the help from a manufacturer because I can't sew to save myself!). That is where Sass + Babe was 'born'.

I'm so proud of these sheets because we use high quality fabrics that really do actually make the whole 'bedding' process so quick + easy!