our Kids Australian themed summer pj sets now available!




The 3 layers that make up our innovative sheet.

Our sheets are made with quality, natural fibers including bamboo + 100% cotton to keep your little ones safe + comfortable.

The top layer that is slept on is a soft 100% Jersey Cotton. We chose Jersey Cotton because it's soft, comfy + is suitable for both the summer + winter months.

The middle layer is a custom made quilted bamboo fiber layer. The quilted bamboo fiber stretches across the whole width + length of the mattress. So if you have a wriggly sleeper they are comfy where ever they are + your mattress is protected where ever they are too. We chose bamboo because it is so soft, eco-friendly + is also super absorbent which adds to our sheets waterproofing. Because of bamboo's amazing absorbency, it means our sheets will take a little longer to dry. Depending on where you live in winter you may need to finish them off in a dryer for a couple of mins on a LOW heat setting. However if your dryer can’t be set to a very low heat setting I wouldn’t suggest this as the bamboo can shrink a little if it’s over heated. Bamboo also has antibacterial + antifungal properties AND is thermo regulating. This means it helps to keep your little ones warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Amazing!

The 3rd layer is the waterproofing layer. It's a breathable, soft, flexible, durable + quiet (no scrunchy noises) fabric that stretches across the whole top of the mattress + even goes around the edges of your mattress too. So your mattress is protected from all angles. We don't use any nasty tarp-like vinyl plastics for our waterproofing either - bonus!